Influencer Marketing The perfect strategy for 2020

If you want to dive into the Influencer Marketing world and develop a new strategy around it, the time is now! With the world-wide Lockdown, people of all ages developed new online behaviour. They are much more confident to shop online and experiment with new things. Don’t waste this opportunity and let us build up the perfect Influencer Marketing Campaign for you!


Why hire a Specialized Company?

It is easy to fall into traps or develop the wrong campaigns. With a specialist, you not only will have the perfect Strategy but also will have all the support needed during the entire process. You don’t need to worry about anything. We do all the work for you!

B2B or B2C Influencer Marketing

Most companies believe that Influencer Marketing is just ideal for B2C, but it can also be very successful for the B2B Market. The internet is filled with B2C and B2B Influencer. All you need is the right Strategy for it.

The Perfect Influencer

It is easy to waste your budget with the wrong influencer. With so many offers in the market how to know which one is good for you? We are going to track the ideal influencer for your product, track if the influencer has the trust of their audience and assure to use the right person for a solid ROI.

The Perfect Platform

It is not uncommon to think about Instagram and Facebook when talking about Influencer Marketing, but is your audience there? We search the perfect platform for your Influencer Marketing Campaign to make sure you are reaching correctely.

The Perfect Strategy and Campaign

An Influencer Strategy is not only choosing the sweetest smile online, with a high number of followers and sending them your product. It all starts in planning and goes until after the Influencer had already done their job. Do you want to know more? Contact us!


Learning Phase

  1. We learn your product and your brand;
  2. We determine your audience;
  3. We understand your audience behaviour;
  4. We track their favourite platforms;
  5. We track what type of content attracts the best.

Influencer Search

  1. We track down the influencers for you;
  2. We check if they have a real audience;
  3. We learn their data, like engagement rate;
  4. We inspect their previous sponsored campaigns;
  5. We make sure that their audience and yours are the same.

Campaign and Strategy

  1. Based on the learning phase we draw a Strategy;
  2. We design the Campaign and the Content;
  3. We make all the negotiation with the Influencer;
  4. We track if the influencer delivered the service correctly;
  5. We start a new phase on using the Influencer material to promote your brand with the correct strategy in Ads.

We want to talk to you

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world: contact us and learn more about how your brand and product can benefit from Influencer Marketing and how we can make it the best experience for your brand.