How to make your Business Instagrammable


Is your business Instagrammable? It is the year 2020 and Digital Marketing is becoming stronger day after day. Especially after the world Pandemic of Covid-19, where everyone had to stay in their homes and their only way of consumption was online. If your brand and products are not yet online, it is a very good time to bring it to the world-wide-web.

Don’t know where to start? So take a look at this inspiring story I am going to share!

Sharing is Caring – and Profitable!

I was living for four years at Savignyplatz-Charlottenburg, a Berliner neighbourhood very well known for its restaurants and bars. To have a restaurant in that area is a synonym of high-standards. The food needs to be delicious, the environment needs to be fancy and comfortable, the service needs to be extraordinary. All to lign-up with this demanding audience of people around 35+ years old with a higher-than-the-average income. If you guessed that the area is also pricey, you guessed it right. 

One day, on my way to the train station, I notice a recently opened restaurant. A very small place with a very long and not memorable name at all. From the windows, I could see a very standard decoration and absolutely nothing special about it. If it was not the huge line of people ageing around 20 to 30 years old, standing outside in less then 5ºC Sunday morning in the middle of the winter, I could easily miss this new place. It was very usual in the neighbourhood that places come and go without even being noticed.

Immediately I got my phone to check out what was about that restaurant, that inspired people to stand outside in such a cold day, waiting for a free sit inside that – really small! – cafe:

    • Their website was standard.
    • It was a new restaurant, no franchising.
    • The Google Reviews were very ok.
    • Like I could see from the windows: very standard decoration.

What does it mean?

I also saw a few Influencers sharing their dishes online, but one thing that got my attention was: their food feed the eyes. There was the reason why young people were paying a higher than the average price for breakfast: because someone they know shared it on Instagram and they wanted to go there to share their dishes as well. Almost like: one eye feeds another.

After six months they expanded their restaurant, started opening extra hours and got two more restaurants in the area. The new restaurants didn’t have the same name, but both got the same long-non-memorable-name as the first one.

Look around and make it different

If you don’t know how to start your success, one good tip is: look at your competitors and now go the extra mile. When you do only what they are also doing, you are going to be just like them. But, if you walk this extra mile and do something new, you are achieving more. 

This is how this small restaurant made its way through a challenging location. They attracted an audience that it was not there, while also selling scrambled eggs and orange juice, just like any other breakfast restaurant. But their dishes are so attractive that people feel the need to share it online. 

You don’t need to have a restaurant to make your business Instagrammable. Innovation can happen with whatever product you have. Understand your audience and look inside: is it time to get new packaging? Or maybe to try a younger way to write down the same old things in your product? Maybe you just need to change the way you communicate online or even how you will deliver your product to your audience. 

Just go the extra mile.

Any Brand can do it

Do you want another example on how to make your business Instagrammable without being an attractive product?

Let’s look at the BVG Online Presence. In case you don’t know, BVG is the company that provides the city of Berlin with public transportation like U-Bahn, Buses, Trams and even Boats. Now, tell me: how can they be attractive at all in the online world?

The answer is simple: they went this extra mile. 

They developed a young and fun way to communicate online. The company also transformed its brand with Hyperlocal Marketing, talking and acting like the traditional Berliner. This made their communication goes from boring into fun and entertainment. 

If a public transportation brand can be unique and go online with a great differential, your brand can do it too.

In case you are struggling to get new ideas, to go the extra mile and to think outside the box, contact us. We work with all sizes of companies and budgets.