Which numbers on Instagram matters for real?

If you are wondering which numbers on Instagram matters for real, I can help you to figure it out. Spoiler alert: the number that matters at most is not the amount of followers that an account has. Do you want to understand more? So take a look at this important informations about the Algorithm. 

More Followers, bigger popularity.


Anyone that wants to be popular on Instagram is in the eternal search for a bigger number of followers. Companies without knowledge are also looking at those numbers. But the real fact here is that you can buy followers or acquire followers in a “cheating way” and as a result: you built up an audience that doesn’t matter. 

When you buy followers – or acquire them in a non-organic way – you will increase the number on the top of your Instagram account, but decrease the number that matter at most: the Engagement numbers. Followers that you bought are not interested in your product or your brand, they are just a beautiful number to have. This means that they will not interact with your posts, stories and they won’t watch your IGTV. Those are numbers on Instagram that doesn’t add up.

How does the Algorithm works?

The online platform keeps its Algorithm a secret, so people would cheat less on it. That’s why so many specialists spend lots of time trying to figure out what are those robots reading and adding value to. Although we don’t know those secrets, we can be sure that online success comes with real engagement. We need to be more humans and less robots. 

When you really use any Social Media as a human – meaning: posting, interacting, writing meaningful comments, telling true stories, using all the features of a platform and engaging with your audience -, then the algorithm will see you and consider you as a relevant user. 

If you are a relevant user in a platform, the Social Media will show you more often to your audience and also to the audience searching for new content. That’s why in the end, the most important number is the Engagement percentage.

What are the things I should look for when searching for an Influencer?

If you are ready to go to the next step of Online Marketing and want to invest your budget into Influencer Marketing, you need to make sure that you are investing in the right person. Search for the engagement rate of an influencer and look through their posts. They need to have real likes, meaningful comments and the influencer should have the attitude of replying to many of their audience comments. A good influencer is the one that gains the trust of their audience. 

How to find a good influencer for my product?

The first step is to look for people in your niche market. If you pick an influencer just because they look good and they have tons of followers, you might be wasting your money into a market that won’t consume your products.

So, step one: look for influencers on your niche. 

Step two: make sure that their engagement rate is high. Sometimes a person with 10k followers will bring you a higher ROI than an influencer with 1m followers. 

The third step is to watch that person for a while and see if the influencer has the same principles and attitudes as your brand. Make sure that they are giving their audience attention and if they have the trust of their followers. 

The last step is to check if they already sponsored posts before and to see how was the reaction and response of their audience to it. Be really careful about general comments, usually, they come from robots and not real people. 

Influencer Marketing needs to Influence and not only Show Off

Remember, you are hiring someone to influence their followers to consume your product, so go for people that have also the profile of your company. Don’t get too connected with Followers numbers, but look at their entire profile. 

When you invest your money with expertise, the ROI will come and your digits will grow. If you are still afraid about doing Influencer Marketing, contact us and we can help you to find the perfect influencer for your brand.